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Apartment 51 - Episode 2 SOON

2012-11-11 21:56:09 by SmokedBacon

The second episode of Apartment 51 will debut very soon...

Episode Title:
If I Was Your Batboy

After uploading a viral video, Batboy is approached by a talent agent who wants to make him the next Justin Bieber.

Here's a pic from the episode (which may also foreshadow the third episode...):

Apartment 51 - Episode 2 SOON

Apartment 51 is back!

2012-10-20 17:15:58 by SmokedBacon

The brand-new Apartment 51 series begins NOW!

Catch up with Chester, Mothman, Eduardo, Batboy, and Gooch in all-new adventures!

Watch the premiere episode at:

Apartment 51 is back!

So I meant to begin the new "Apartment 51" series a lot sooner, but other projects came up and I kind of pushed it aside. There was a Christmas and Valentine special released in the past year, but I will be taking them down and re-release them under Smoked Bacon in the future.

I have shifted my focus to bringing back "Apartment 51" simply because I miss all those crazy bastards; Batboy, Eduardo, Mothman, Gooch, Chester, and all their colorful neighbors... I think we need them back.

The new series will be... I don't want to say a reboot, but I suppose that is the best way to describe it at this time. All will be clear in the first episode. Other characters should pop up as well: Dracula, Death, Bigfoot, etc. There will also be a few new characters, including Dr. Frankenstein.

I am hoping to have the first episode done within the next few weeks, and probably a Halloween short as well in the same vein of the Christmas and Valentine specials.

And as always... fuck pandas.

Chester, Mothman, Eduardo, Batboy, and Gooch all return in a brand new "Apartment 51" series beginning in 2012.

"Apartment 51" Returning in 2012